RefRatings: Calls of the week – May 17, 2019

Refs gift San Jose Sharks Western Conference Finals Game 3 win

Bad officiating is the gift that keeps on giving in this year’s NHL playoffs. It’s not just the amount of bad calls that matter, it’s the affect they’ve had on games. Calls that have clearly changed the tone of the games and on many occasions such as this one, calls that have determined the outcome of the game. We’ve even seen a bad call that determined the series between the San Jose Sharks and Las Vegas Golden Knights.

In this case, a perfect way to ruin an amazing game. The St. Louis Blues fought back after being in a two-goal hole, holding on to a 4-3 lead with time winding down. With their goalie pulled, the San Jose Sharks tied it up, sending the game to overtime.

Then officiating controversy reared its ugly head, as the Sharks scored the game winner, after an illegal hand pass. No question, clear as day in almost every replay available. But, but of course, it’s another non-reviewable play. The rule goes, if a player inside the offensive zone

passes the puck with his hand to a teammate, it’s a dead play. It’s a call that needs to be made on the ice, and not up for review. It wasn’t, so it goes. Another great game ruined by the officials in this year’s playoffs.

Bruins fall victim of another terrible goalkeeper interference call

A game changing goalkeeper interference call earlier in the NHL postseason struck the New York Islanders in their series with the Carolina Hurricanes. This time it’s the Boston Bruins who fall victim of a similar play.

With Boston up 2-1 in game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final, Tory Krug fired a one timer as Jake DeBrusk jockeyed for position in front of goaltender Curtis McElhinney. He bumped McElhinney’s skate outside the crease while getting hit up high by defenseman Jaccob Slavin. The hit caused him to crash into McElhinney. The shot bounced off DeBrusk and into the net for the score. But as in the Islanders situation, the goal was immediately called off for goaltender interference. Based on replay, it’s hard to make a definitive case on this one. The best part in all this is the call did not affect the outcome as the Bruins went on to take a 3-0 series lead.

Klay Thompson was out of bounds in game 5 vs Rockets, no review

Much has been talked about the terrible officiating in Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets series, particularly in reference to defenders stepping into shooters landing zone. However, not much has been talked about within a pivotal play in Game 5 as seconds remained. With the Rockets attempting to force a turnover, Thompson was cornered and somehow got a pass off. Upon further inspection and the beauty of video replay, it appeared as Thompson’s foot was down, touching out of bounds before the ball left his hands. Never a replay on this. Rockets should have been awarded possession with the chance to tie the game. In the replays, the referee is standing right there, but not looking if Thompson is out-of-bounds. Another call for the Warriors.