RefRatings: Calls of the week – May 13, 2019

Blue Jays Charlie Montoyo gets initiated

We hear it time and time again, yet it happens all the time! If you argue balls and strikes in the major leagues you will get thrown out of the game. It is an ejection waiting to happen, whether if it’s a player or manger. This one was a career first for the Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo, coming out to protect his player.

Brandon Drury was the victim this time in an at bat that was completely affected by two bad calls starting with strike one. A pitch out of the zone called strike by home plate umpire Adam Hamari. When a bad first strike is called, for the most part, the batters approach changes. Next pitch comes in a little outside and Drury chases it, a pitch he probably takes if the first pitch is correctly called a ball. Instead of a 2-0 count, Drury is now in a 0-2 hole and on the defensive. After fouling off a pitch high in the zone, umpire incorrectly calls him out on an even worse call than the first pitch. Strike three, Drury shows his frustration as his manager storms out.

But how about that reaction to Montoyo coming out by the home plate umpire? It looked as Hamari was cocking back to immediately eject him from the game but stopped himself in mid movement. He waited another second or two, before actually doing it. Talk about a short fuse. More fuel for the automated strike zone pundits.

Back from injury, Rendon rung up on bad call

Rendon was probably already upset after getting hit earlier in the game in his first at-bat after returning from injury caused by getting hit by a pitch. Later in the game, C.B. Bucknor calls him out on a mistakenly called strike three which triggers Rendon to show him up and literally showing him where the pitch actually was. Immediate ejection.

Rendon, no stranger for calling out bad umpires making bad calls was probably overreacting a bit even though he was correct in thinking the pitch was out of the zone. To Bucknor’s defense, the pitch was very close and not as bad call as other more notable calls. But what is notable here is the fact that Rendon taped a few photos in his post-game press conference clearly showing the ball outside. In this case, photos speak louder than words and we apologies for not being able to find a photo of it!

Tim Anderson gets Mother’s Day phantom tag

Worse than a bad call is a bad call that is upheld after it is replayed with clear camera angles shown on TV. Tim Anderson is the latest to fall victim of this, called out on a stolen base attempt on a throw by Blue Jays catcher Danny Jansen to shortstop Freddy Galvis. The good news is this had no effect on the game as Lucas Giolito mowed down the Jays.