RefRatings: Calls of the week – May 7, 2019

Jesse Winker gets hosed in New York

We can’t blame Jesse Winker for objecting Marty Foster’s strike zone and getting tossed. The rookie still has to learn, you can’t argue balls and strikes in the majors. However, after taunting Mets fans through their four-game series, waving good-bye after the wins and all that, it appears as justice was served and Mets fans got the last laugh during Winkers final at bat in the final inning of the final game of the series.

Just what was Foster looking at? Did you see where the catcher caught that ball? That pitch had no chance of passing through the zone regardless of where it landed. Another great case for automated strike zones.

Refs gift Columbus Blue Jackets goal in game 4

Another NHL playoff game, another bad call. The NHL postseason has been all about bad refereeing, and game 4 between the Boston Bruins and Columbus Blue Jackets was no different. This time is was a goal that should not have counted. And when it’s all clearly captured on TV, it makes it that much worse to swallow for fans. The good thing is that it didn’t affect the final score unlike in the New York Islanders fiasco.

In case you missed it, the puck hits the protective netting behind the goal area and bounced back into play, landing on the ice. A play that should be ruled dead. Not one, not two, not three, but four officials missed it. Instead, play continued and the Blue Jackets scored. And they probably scored because the Bruins stopped playing when the puck touched the net. What is the point of replay review if something like this cannot be reviewed? Just embarrassing for the league to allow these types of shenanigans.

The explanation? Because the puck did not go directly or immediately in the goal after hitting the net made the play unreviewable. Amazing.

Boston Bruins get away with blatant hit to the head

Bad refereeing is the gift that keeps on giving in this year’s NHL playoffs. When is it going to stop? This blatant hit to the head clearly appeared to be of the five minute penalty variety, how could it not? A blind-sided purposeful shoulder carrying the momentum of a speeding skater targeted to the crown of the face is what it was. Boston Bruin’s defender, Charlie McAvoy provided the hit with Columbus Blue Jackets forward Josh Anderson on the receiving end.

For a play that could of, probably should have resulted in McAvoy being kicked out of the game, refs rewarded him with only a minor penalty. At the time, the Blue Jackets were down a goal. A five-minute penalty could have changed the tone of the game, check out San Jose Sharks vs Las Vegas Golden Knights game 7 if you don’t believe it. Instead, Bruins win 3-0, series over.